The Presidential Election in America

So far, most youths are on Obama’s side but last I heard Romney is 3% ahead. According to some people, what Obama has done in the past four years is commendable and he should be given another chance to move the country FORWARD.
Even the pop stars support Obama but Romney still stays uptight in the competiton with the support of ‘the rich men’. We’re all anxiously waiting especially for the ‘congressmen’ vote to determine the next president of the country, actually the next president of the WORLD.
So far, electoral votes needed to win Obama 3-33 Romney
Popular votes
Obama 49%-51% Romney.
Voting ended in eastern American states about 2 hours ago.
Obama won Ohio and won as the president of the United States of America!!! Barack Obama 273- 203 Mitt Romney. Congratulations to Barack Obama and his voters!!! “FORWARD”.