Jelena’s Break up!!!

Jelena’s break up is a sad story and its been confirmed by E!Online. They started out as friends, then close friends before finally dating and now? Beautiful Beliebers, you can have more hopes about being Justin’s next girlfriend as he is free to date anyone now and so is Selena. But no comments have been made by either one of Jelena.


See how cute they look/looked together!

Hold on!!! There are rumours that this is gonna be the shortest celebrity break-up as it has been heard that Selena and Justin have been seen together in some of their favorite places. Well, we’re watching and waiting. I wish them what they wish themselves.

Amazing Traditional Outfits in Nigeria

There are various ethnic groups in Nigeria and despite these differences the country stays together. Several universities appreciate theses differences and encourage the youths in their final year to celebrate it. This is a peek into how they celebrate the traditional day ‘kparakpo’ in the university of Benin – uniben.



We should all accept ourselves and embrace our differences.



FRIENDS!!!! I love my friends, though they freak me out sometimes, its just fun hanging out with them and making memories. One thing we got in common is we’re all weird thinkers. Tell me about your friends and what you’ve all got in common.

Daily Prompt

Daily Prompt.

Dear Me,

Hi, i met you some three years ago and i must say you were quite a weird girl – good weird. You were also quite an introvert and very boring but i also don’t understand why you didn’t reciprocate all those attentions given to you. Even when everyone thought you did, you stood your ground, I appreciate that about you. I guess your life was easier because you didn’t care, good for you. Well done with your life. Bye.